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We believe in transparency, so we think you should know exactly what a project with us will look like.

If you'd like to see a more detailed process map relevant to your project, please use the ‘Strategy Call' button and we'll put together a free proposal that goes over the scope of the project, detailed process, expected timeline and a breakdown of your investment.

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Work with Exacta and you can have your products designed and built exactly according to your needs and technical specification. You don't need to search the world for manufacturing. Your own virtual plant is right here in the UK. And in your timezone.

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Turning ideas into saleable products is a lot easier and more costeffective
if you work with Exacta...
There's no shortage of very bright and innovative IT thinking out there, any of which may have the potential to become wildfire successes if commercialised. Unfortunately, the industry puts up some formidable barriers to entry in getting a product designed, configured, manufactured and delivered which mitigate against small companies with big ideas or start-ups looking for direction. Exacta exist to remove those barriers. Exacta manufactures and delivers servers and appliances customised and branded according to your design and specification. Exacta keeps stock so you don't have to find, or tie up cash. Exacta ships your product to your customers where and when you want.

Exacta is based in the UK, has a formidable partner network and, perhaps best of all, the full power of its organisation can be harnessed if you're selling as few as one appliance a month. Doing business with Exacta begins with a conversation. We need to understand your product and the market to which you intend selling it. This is not an onerous or lengthy process and it's something we're very good at because we understand our business and how it works. If your idea is deliverable, we'll next work with you to propose supporting hardware configurations which we'll build into a working prototype. From the learning that results, we'll fully optimise your build and document a stable specification which becomes your revision foundation. Next we talk branding. We deliver fully customised hardware that really stands out. Your logos, your own branded statutory labelling, colour-keyed components - anything is possible. If you're at the pioneering stage of your business, we have a commercial design team that can work for you to produce a design. It's part of the service we extend. We'll produce custom branded packaging for you, and supporting documentation too.

It's our goal that, when you place an order for your product with us, that it's where you want it delivered in three working days. We accomplish this without asking you to pay for stock before you've sold it or requiring that you keep inventory. That doesn't just save you cash, it represents the very injection you need to get your business started and running. In partnering with Exacta, you leverage one point of contact that delivers access to a very broad vendor network. And because we're pulling through very impressive volumes of the key technologies that comprise your product, you don't have to manage crippling MOQs or complex relationships with dozens of companies.

That's what we do for you. What we deliver in your name and wearing your brand is stable and enduring. We help you manage the product roadmap that keeps you at the leading edge and we do so in a managed environment that you can rely on. All this is totally transparent to your customers. We understand and respect your confidentiality.

We will assign a point person to manage your product with you and help you every step of the way. Service to this standard comes at a price but it's one that will amaze you with its value. You need to be competitive. Deal with Exacta and you will be. It's really that simple. If you have a product documented or just an idea, put it through our initial process. We'll get you to the point where you'll know what it looks like, understand what it costs and put you within sight of it powering the business you hope to build in a matter of days.

There's really is no need to comb the world.

Everything you need to get the product you want is right here under one roof in the UK.



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