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Company Statement - Planning for Post COVID 19 Recovery. 

A Company Statement from Exacta Technologies 23rd March 2020

Planning for the Post COVID 19 Recovery

You will be aware that yesterday the UK entered a period of virtual shut down due to measures

taken to counteract the spread of the Coronavirus. We wanted to give our customers and

stakeholders an update on our position as we enter this uncertain period.

Ironically maybe, we entered the shut down in one of the strongest positions we have known. We

had successfully launched new products; new branding; new websites; and by the skin of our teeth

and a massive effort from our entire team, we managed to complete the move from our creaking

and slightly decrepit old building to a beautiful new purpose built unit that has the capacity for us to

treble our business, on the day before the latest measures were introduced.

During the COVID 19 break we will complete the implementation of new Management Information

Systems and Internal Processes that will transform our ability to deliver exceptional service to our

customers in the future.

We entered the new measures with a record order book but we were already seeing constraints in

the supply side of our business. We have great relationships with our suppliers, especially Intel who

consider us a key UK partner for high end performance servers and development; but it is obvious

that these supply constraints will only be exacerbated by the current global uncertainty.

Therefore, at a time when we cannot visit our customers and they cannot visit us; it is vital that we

continue to work with you as closely as possible so that we all exit the crisis in as good shape as

possible and that we do our best to manage the pent up demand that we anticipate will be released

when the crisis recedes.

We will be planning our post-covid build schedule based as closely as possible on a first come first

served basis. In order to secure component supply in what we think will be a very tight market we

will need as much visibility as possible of customer requirements; so we will be asking our Customer

Service contacts to keep in touch with you as they work from home and whilst we know that it wont

be easy, the better the information you can give us then the more chance there will be that we can

get what you need.

At the end of the day Exacta will always be Exacta and flexibility is our middle name. We will always

do everything we can to deliver exactly what you want, when you want, but we just wanted to let

you know that we are still here; still working and determined to be in great shape when it's all over.

Whatever we can do to help you and your business - just let us know.

Stay safe and all the best to you and your families

Nick Rogers - CEO

Exacta Technologies Ltd

About this author

Nick Rogers

Our Chief Executive Officer, and founder, is Nick Rogers. Before starting the company in 2001, Nick worked for a system integrator. Nick's innovative, positive thinking and sheer determination to see the business grow has taken us on a great journey.