Exacta doesn't just design, configure and build fully customised and branded appliances. We power your supply chain too. Ours is a low-friction model that frees cash, keeps customers supplied and generates profitable income for you.


Making sure you have the products you need to supply the customers you win is difficult. Forecasting demand can be hit and miss. Knowing what product you need, and where and when you need it usually indicates a need for inventory. A partnership with Exacta changes all that - and for the better.

Exacta revolves around proven processes that scale quickly and reliably. You want hardware and we can supply it. We can have a fully branded and custom configured product in your customers' hands within three days of its being ordered. Rely on it.

With the confidence in supply and delivery that comes as standard with Exacta, you can back off your inventory to us. No inventory means no cash tied up. Confidence in supply means you can concentrate on selling product and less so on forecasting your cash to the penny to make sure you can actually afford the wild-fire success you deserve.

Exacta delivery these benefits right to your bottom line and really gives your balance sheet a positive injection too. The benefits are available whether you're turning over one appliance a month or thousands. Don't ask how we do it, just be glad we do.


Exacta ships what you need where and when you need it. Whether that's to a distribution point you elect, or direct to your end user with your own documentation enclosed, just leave it to us. It's reliable. It's confidential and it has worked reliably since we first designed our business model over fifteen years ago.

Delivering your customers all the benefits Exacta embodies ought to cost a fortune but it doesn't. Not doing it the Exacta way, may even be costing you more.

Challenge Exacta to look at your supply chain and see what improvements we can bring to bear. It costs you nothing to ask and it could save you a fortune.

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