Exacta build your servers and appliance according to technical specifications and configurations you prescribe. Our output is stable. It's tested. Revisions are fully managed and documented.


When you work with Exacta, we produce servers and appliances according to your exact technical prescription so your product is always delivered with your latest data revision on stable hardware.

We maintain complex product ranges meticulously. Our processes leave no room for misfires or revision lapses. Our hardware is tested to exhaustion so it's as stable as it is attractive.

It doesn't matter whether we're working on a small and basic system, or a large mission-critical appliance that simply and positively has to be right, our process delivers just that - every time you order.

We've built a major specialisation in cutting complex configuration scenarios down to size. We've built a major specialisation in taking hardware further. If it's not on the shelves or in the shops, Exacta can make it, and make it happen. Ours is a highly evolved technical approach that yields stable solutions you'll be happy to brand as yours.

Exacta produces to order. If your product is fast evolving or available in a multitude of configuration options, that doesn't cause us any problem we can't easily overcome. Getting what you need from us is easy. We do it all here in the UK. We're as flexible as we are capable.


We can work with you to create a product development roadmap ensuring your configuration is right at the leading edge and your customers always receive highly optimised product. Before you launch, everything will have been tested, proven and locked down so delivering a stable solution that's on-time and competitive in all respects.

You could travel the world looking for a providers that can deliver the flexibility that's delivered as standard by Exacta. Alternatively, you could cut the journey short and challenge us with your needs. We're confident that you'll like what you see. It'll be a reflection of your markets' needs - at a price you'll be delighted to pay.

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