Exacta really does Make It Your Own. We offer our partners a level of product branding and customisation that elevates products beyond expectation. Right out of the box, it's your brand that's promoted.


Why simply settle for distributing your product on the same platform as everyone else when for the same cost or even less, you could deliver your full brand experience on a custom branded platform from Exacta?

We can design and incorporate your own logos, model designations and statutory labelling. We can produce cases and enclosures in practically any colour you like and add design accents with colour-key hardware components too. If you've other ideas - we'll listen.

But we don't stop there.

When Exacta brands your product, that includes fully branded packaging too. We're talking printed top-quality carton packaging - not applied labels on a low-rent, one size fits all box. It's your brand - we're as proud of it as you are.

Naturally, documentation gets the Exacta treatment as well. That's how we deliver the full scope of your brand and the experience it confers in one fully customised package that you own. It's distinctive. It's individual. We've made it your own.

Don't worry if designs and brands are just ideas you may have. We have a commercial design team on hand to help you with things like logos and other brand assets you may need to get your product established. It's part of the service our partners have access too.


So if you like the sound of a product thats looks as good in the box as it performs in the rack, then Exacta is on your shopping list. We manufacture in the UK. We ship where and when needed. It's your brand that gets promoted and it's all done on a confidential basis at a pace your business dictates.

Doing business with Exacta is easy. The rewards are immense. When you Make It Your Own with Exacta, your product achieve the stand-out impact your brand delivers - no less.

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