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2nd October 2019 - - 0 comments
How To Make Your Software Stand Out In A Crowded Online Marketplace


It's becoming more important now, more than ever before to stand out and fight for your customers shortened attention spans. As a result, you need to turn your focus to creating a more memorable out-of-box experience. You don't want to waste time and resources trying to support hardware only to have your customers love your software but hate your hardware. Designing your own branded computer hardware, on the other hand, can quickly grab your customers attention and quickly communicate your company's core values. 


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More and more of your customers are judging businesses by their appearance as much as by what software solution they provide. Exacta can help you create a complete logo and branding journey that delivers a unique marketing model. The perfect logo and branding experience can turn your computer hardware into an asset that helps contribute towards your success and allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

The most well-known companies in the world all share one thing in common - an instantly recognizable logo and branding. We all know Apple for its iconic fruit, but when it comes to integrating your own logo and branding into your computer hardware, you need a partner like Exacta who have the expertise and know how.

Exacta can help your company to be remembered in the best possible way. Integrating your logo and branding values into your out-of-box experience is a vital part of your company's marketing efforts. To meet this need, Exacta can help you create a feature rich design that is devoted to adding your logo and branding into your computer hardware and packaging. When you deliver the right kind of unique and effective image to your customers, it represents your company's best qualities.

When you can associate your server branding and logo with your software solution, you will stand out from your competitors. A successful branding journey helps you to stay profitable by "adding value" that your customers will be prepared to pay for.



When Exacta customise your hardware and brand it with your logo and colours, it will inspire your customer loyalty and lead to repeat sales and word-of mouth recommendations.

When your software solution is running on high performance servers that reflect your company values you can usually charge higher prices than if you were to use a Dell or HP machine.

If you load your software solution onto a server that has been manufactured by others, you might struggle with your own sense of identity, especially because modifying the product packaging isn't an option.

Product and packaging design can have a huge impact on the experience your customers have with your brand. Many companies fail to realise there's a strong connection between product design and branding. A product can sabotage its own success when it's not designed, created, launched, and sold with the brand at its core. Product and branding should work together in harmony, or else it could lose its credibility or confuse your overall software solution.

Don't underestimate the power that packaging design can have on your brand. Because your packaging often sparks the first connection between a customer and your product, it's often the first experience they'll have with your brand.

On top of the time and money spent on product design, you should also carefully consider your packaging. Design packaging that stirs up emotions of excitement, joy, delight or amazement. Once you've created packaging that instantly connects with your customers, your brand awareness and recognition will benefit.


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Packaging is a bigger part of your brand than you might think. Don't think of package design as just a way to deliver your product. To truly convey a message, a story or a brand identity through your product, you should think of it as part of your brand personality.

It needs to reflect your brand personality and resonate with your target audience. This means your customers will notice your authenticity and gravitate toward your solution before they even realise what it is. They'll know that it's been designed just for them.

Just as it's important to maintain brand consistency in your marketing, it's important to design product packaging that's consistent with your brand's identity and values.

We're not saying you should slap your logo on everything. But you do need to design concepts that reflect your brand. Even if your packaging doesn't share the aesthetic characteristics of your brand, it should feel congruent with its values.

Your branding will help you sell more products and attract more customers. Exacta help to get your customers excited about your products by building a stronger branded solution.

Branded packaging and branded assets are powerful because they tell your customers why your product and branding are different.

Every year, your customers are becoming more and more time poor, which means they are making faster decisions. This is why it's important to have a professionally designed website, that delivers your branding and software solutions in such a way that it reflects your companies values. So why destroy all of that hard work by loading your software on a boring looking Dell machine and shipping it in a Dell branded box.

Branding your packaging and including branded paperwork can significantly help your company to stand out, make an impact and increase your company's overall appeal.

How far do you want your brand experience to go? Exacta make sure that it doesn't end at your website. We continue your branding, all the way out into your customers hands.

Everything your brand does plays a part of your image that you present to your potential customers. If you're already making an effort to cultivate an "image" of your brand, it doesn't make sense not to extend it to your server hardware and then into your packaging and assets.

By infusing your branding into your packing slips, instructions, and other printed materials creates the ultimate out-of-box experience. Once your customers receive your delivery, they will expect to see packing slips, and instructions on using their new product.

These printed materials don't have to be dull and lifeless. They should ideally match the same tone and voice you use for the copywriting on your website, for your social media updates, and for email communication with customers.

Something as small as your packing slips can be an extension of your branding, so it's important to make it stand out and be something special. Or, if need be, we can help you create special insert designs for the sole purpose of communicating with your customers.

Contact us today and let's discuss your computer hardware requirements and integrate in your branding. Or download our Brand Management Blueprint to learn how we can create the perfect out-of-box experience for you.



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