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30th October 2015 - Admin - 0 comments
You don't need a huge inventory or a bulging balance sheet to launch your own branded servers and appliances. You need Exacta..

Brands are what often distinguish similarly specified products apart and their equity is both hard won and very valuable. Promoting a great brand, or a great brand in waiting, can be an expensive undertaking.

Thanks though to a novel business model pioneered by Exacta in the United Kingdom, companies of all shapes and sizes and at all stages of development can have access to fully customised, own-branded servers and appliances without recourse to huge inventories, volume commitments or other cash-strangling limitations. 

Exacta is based near Bristol in the UK and that’s where everything is produced. It’s been around for about fifteen years and so is a both established and proven business. Exacta has raised the design, production and supply-chain gymnastics behind the branded servers and appliance market to an art form it’s made its own.

What can Exact build? Anything its clients want. Big servers or small. Minimally or maximally configured. One a month or hundreds. Whatever the basis of your needs, you can have a conversation with Exacta.

How does Exacta work. According to its clients, “brilliantly.” It’s a very customer focussed and consultative concern. It works with its clients to design, configure and produce products that reflect market need. It’s doing it well.

Branded servers? Yes. Nothing leaves the premises with Exacta on the label. Instead, all manner of branding and customisation yields highly individualised products that are beautifully branded so as to promote the interest of the client. Anything is possible. Labelling, customised colours and components. You name it - literally.

How about packaging? Delivery documents? Exacta customises all those to reflect its clients’ brands too. Delivery is made where and when the client needs the product. It’s transparent to the customer and it’s totally confidential too.

What’s it going to cost me? Let’s discuss that, says Exacta. Put it this way though. We’re very competitive. Out prices are sharp. Add to that the fact we keep your inventory so you don’t have to, and you’ll suddenly find you have much more cash on hand and fewer logistic and forecasting headaches.

Exacta keeps good company. It’s the power behind some of the biggest brands in their respective markets and it’s a long-standing Intel Platinum Partner. It has a huge vendor network and so exerts a great deal of influence when it comes to keeping product stable and at the leading Edge.

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